Live Theatre on the Waterfront – Hippoposthumous – July 17, 7pm, 2022

Hey Bear River, on Sunday July 17 at 7pm there’s live theatre happening outside at the Bear River Waterfront.

Grab a chair and come on down to the greenhouse area for a sweet one-hour Pay-What-You-Will performance of the Fringe hit, HIPPOPOSTHUMOUS.

Hippoposthumous is a young, slightly nervous, and surprisingly polymathic hippopotamus living in Colombia’s lush Magdalena River- misplaced in time and space. With their future hanging in the balance, they wallow into the spotlight to explore through rhythm and rhyme the idea of “invasive species”- from Starlings in Halifax to Giraffes in Paris.This warm hearted tragicomic musical explores the duality of being an immigrant and unwitting colonizer and follows Hippoposthumous on a poetic odyssey to discover where they’re from and what it takes to truly belong.