Last Weekend for Veg + Flower Plant Sale – Jun 19 + 20, 2021

This is the last weekend to buy some healthy, vigorous, beautiful vegetable starts for your garden in Bear River.

Veggie Squirrel, aka Jules, will have her variety of plants outside the Flight of Fancy in Bear River on Sat and Sun from 9-3. There are lots of heritage varieties of tomatoes, leeks, broccoli, squash and many, many more too numerous to to list. There are also a few flowers.

The photo below shows Jules’ seedlings, a month after planting into the raised bed. Stunning! It makes such a difference when the grower puts her love and energy into raising plants from tiny seeds.

Many of Veggie Squirrels plants are growing in the Bear River Community Greenhouse.

The address for the sale is 1871 Clementsvale Road, Bear River. 9 -3pm, June 19 and 20, 2021

The photos above are 2 weeks to a month old so the remaining plants are even bigger!

Weekend of Jun 18, 19 is the end of sale!