We are Greater than the Tar Sands – Rally July 4 in Annapolis Royal

Please join us by either walking with us or just come to the Annapolis Farmer’s Market at 11 on this Saturday. Turnout is so very important. The more people there, the louder our voices will be heard in Ottawa.


 On July 4th, people in Annapolis Royal and beyond, as well as many cities across Canada – under the 350.org /Council of Canadians banner, “We are Greater than the Tar Sands” – will be rallying for the clean, just, and sustainable future that is our right as Canadians. The Harper government’s total support of the proposed Energy East Pipeline puts this at risk. This pipeline would daily bring 1.1 million barrels of diluted tar sands bitumen (Dilbit)) from Alberta to St. John, NB, and most of this would be loaded on supertankers and sent through the Bay of Fundy to foreign ports for refining.

Before such a pipeline could be considered, many environmental laws were altered or removed by this government to protect potential polluters. This pipeline would facilitate a 40% increase in tar sands production and would lead to over 30 million additional tonnes of climate pollution annually. The additional supertanker traffic in the Bay of Fundy would increase the chance of an “Exxon-Valdez”- type oil spill as well as Right Whale strikes.

Join us in Annapolis Royal to rally against this at 11:00 on Saturday, July 4th. Meet at the town parking lot opposite Bistro East restaurant (and beside the Town Hall). We’ll walk to the Farmer’s Market, then up to the lights at St. George St. and Prince Albert Rd.(Hwy#1). There will be a table in front of Lucky Rabbit Pottery in the market.


More info may be found here: http://canadians.org/energyeast

To ask questions or offer support go to: https://act.350.org/event/greaterthantarsands/10597

Signs, drums, and other noisemakers welcome!

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