Bear River Insight Meditation Group – Every Wed 7pm

The Bear River Insight Meditation Group is six years old and we invite you to join us.
We meet Wednesdays at 7 pm at the Oakdene Centre in Bear River to meditate, to discuss a reading and sometimes to chant.
The weekly meetings are open to anyone interested in finding inner peace, joy and happiness that isn’t contingent on circumstances or events.
While the group isn’t a Buddhist group, the readings come from that tradition.

For more information call Pamela at 902-467-0619 or email Flora at $2 donation to the Oakdene Centre.


The Purpose of Meditation
Meditation is not about trying to create something special, to get to a special state;
meditation is more about uncovering what has always been and always is
here. One is simply trying to bring the external conditions into alignment
with that fundamental reality of human nature.
-Finding the Missing Peace: a primer of Buddhist Meditation – Ajahn Amaro

Insight meditation is not a religion, but a tool and can be used by everybody to free you from suffering and attain awakening. Insight meditation is not an escape from the reality and everyday life. Rather, it is an ultimate confrontation with the reality and fully awakening.”


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