Free Lucy the Cat!


Lucy is the perfect cat.  Happy, healthy and well-adjusted.  She was a stray, and now she’s camping out in my studio in Bear River.  There are four cats living in my house already, and one in particular who won’t let Lucy in.  She’s basically a lonely prisoner in the studio, only going out at night when the others have come in.

She’s unusual for a cat, she comes when she’s called, she never jumps up on anything, or scratches at the furniture.  She sits and watches me when I work and seems grateful to have meals and a place to live, but she’s lonely.  She loves nothing better than if I have time to play.  She loves tissue paper, and toy mice.  She’s very affectionate.

Please come visit Lucy and see for yourself.  She’s a fine feline friend and needs to be freed from a life of semi-imprisonment.

She has all her shots, and has been spayed.  She would love a happy home and some TLC.

Call Pamela at 467-0619


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