Gardening from Scratch Course starts March 14


Six week course beginning the week of 14th March 2013.

Choose from Thursdays 10-12pm or Saturdays 2-4pm, at the Oakdene Centre, Bear River. Reference material included.

$ 85 for the complete course. Course fee due by 10th March.

Contact Ginny Hurlock on 467-0481 for further details

Gardening from Scratch Course Outline

Week 1: Scratching the surface
What is soil ? Composition, pH and Amendments
Site Location and Planting zones
(Hands on – testing soil pH)

Week 2: All in the family
How seeds germinate
Seed requirements
Vegetable families and their needs
(Hands on – Sowing vegetable seeds)

Week 3: Not just a pretty face
Vegetable families (cont.’d)
Flowering plants
Perennials, Biennials and Annuals
(Hand on – Sowing flower seeds)

Week 4: A friend in need
Herbs and Edible flowers
Poisonous plants

Companion planting (pt.1)
(Hands on – looking at tools)

Week 5: The good, the bad and the ugly
Companion planting (pt.2) and Crop Rotation
Insects: Deterring the undesirables and
encouraging the beneficials
Disease prevention
(Hands on – identifying insects)

Week 6: Full life cycle
Seed saving and storage
Methods of produce preservation
Seed/Plant swap
Pot luck

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