Digby Community Session – Feb 20.13

The Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy

 has been formed by the Premier to:

· engage Nova Scotians in hearty, informed conversations about our economic opportunities and challenges;
· identify, with Nova Scotians, new directions for wealth creation in all regions of our Province.

What do you like most about your community?  What’s working well to build its economy?  What are your ideas to make Nova Scotia more prosperous?  We invite you to a conversation about the kind of economy we want throughout Nova Scotia.

Join us at our Digby Community Session –
Wednesday 20 February, 7 PM, Digby Fire Hall, 163 First Ave.
– or find us on-line at www.oneNS.ca.

You can listen to a short interview with Chair Ray Ivany on the role of the commission. http://onens.ca/ray-ivany-on-cbc-radios-information-morning/

For more information, contact

Mark Austin

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