Women in Business seminars – May 5.11

The Western Area Women’s Coalition invites you to participate in a day of seminars and networking for women in business.

Where: The Women’s Place Resource Centre, 86 Atlantic Ave., Cornwallis Park
[In the annex of the yellow ADEDA building]

When: May 5th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Debi Peverill, CA
Debi is a chartered accountant, author and veteran speaker about all things financial concerning your business. She is able to explain what appears to be boring or complicated in an easy to understand manner spiced with her wicked sense of humour. Check her “speaker” website at: www.sbrcommunications.com

Pam Murray, Co-owner Invisible Fence Brand of Annapolis Valley
Pam has just been awarded 2010 International Dealer of the Year for outstanding market growth and client service. She was recognized for her outstanding work with veterinary clinics, on-going community involvement, successful marketing campaigns, unique lead generation and aggressive sales training, which resulted in sales growth of 70% in 2010.
Pam’s dynamic personality graces leadership positions in the Valley Business Women’s Network, Buy Local and Support Local Small Business campaigns.

Asha Croggon, Provincial Programs Manager, Crisis Line Association. of B.C.
Asha has dedicated the last 20 years working in non-profit building programs that support people. She currently manages the provincial suicide line and provincial mental health information & support line for the province of B.C. and is supporting other provinces in developing similar supports across Canada.
“Stress impacts every aspect of our lives and every part of our bodies. Everyone talks about it, but this session will share more on how it actually moves through our bodies, how we can develop an ‘addiction’ to the chemicals it releases in our bodies, and how we can use this information to move towards healthier lives through simple techniques, boundaries and other tools. Bring your sense of humour and walk out with an open mind.”

How much: Due to the generosity of our sponsors we can offer you this exciting opportunity to learn and network for $15 which includes a wonderful lunch prepared and designed by Becky Merritt to please all palettes and dietary choices.

Spaces are limited. Please contact Leslie McLaughlin at hostalavista.les@gmail.com or leave a message at 902-532-5405

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