James Dale Music CD Launch, Not For Entertainment- March 19.11

James Dale Music CD Launch, Not For Entertainment, Bear River, N.S.

BEAR RIVER, Nova Scotia (March 10, 2011) — Singer-songwriter James Dale from Granville Ferry, NS takes to the stage for the launch of his debut CD titledNot For Entertainment. The show is billed as – Respect The Earth – An Evening of Song and will be presented at The Rebekah Music Hall in Bear River, NS this March 19th at 7:00 pm. In the tradition of Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Bruce Cockburn, all important influences on his music, James’ songs are, “at once beautiful, yet thought provoking and full of inspiration for increasing our environmental awareness,” says Jon Welch, co-owner of the Rebekah. James sings of our collective humanity in his song ‘One Human Race’ with these words, “There are no borders seen from space … we are all just one human race.” In ‘Drawin’ Straws’ he recognizes the fragility of Earth’s freshwater with, “There’re people on the planet who are dyin’ of thirst … like we all drew straws long ago and they went first.” And in ‘Antarctic Bones’, he evokes an image that has become seared into our collective global consciousness, “I lay by cracklin’ fire, flickering in my home … TV showing icebergs crash into the sea, from Antarctic bones.”

The evening will feature the launch of James’ debut CD Not For Entertainment. When asked about the unusual title James replied, “… entertainment … one of our main indulgences, billions of dollars spent on our self stimulation. There is an over-abundance of this on the planet. I provide something different … music and words that go deeper than self gratification. I take the Earth seriously, and she is in trouble. We need a shift in consciousness and we need it fast.”

James will take the stage as a trio with Clayton Murray and Kadijah Photiades. A mix of electric-acoustic underlined by Clayton’s Fender Strat, the music morphs from hard driving bass drum rhythms to sensual acoustic images bathed in the mesmerizing tones of Kadijah’s steel percussion Hang and djembes. “My music is wide ranging,” says James. “From the Kalahari Sands to Antarctic Bones, from Eastern Congo to Bahrain. We are one human race. And we have but one planet, Earth, our only home. My music celebrates her, but it does not ignore our savage practices, our greed, nor our lack of wisdom that threatens all life on this “oasis in space”, as Joni Mitchell so eloquently phrased it. We must stand together as one people and transcend our ancient pack-mentality.”

The evening will open with Clayton Murray, a master finger-style guitarist trained at Capilano University in British Columbia. Clayton played and recorded with The Pugs and Crows Band in Vancouver for years, renowned for their Gypsy jazz renditions. He will present a medley of jazz originals and standards. A second opener will be Kadijah Photiades, a multi-talented hand percussionist, singer-songwriter who has a passion for world music and languages. Kadijah currently studies with master drummer Famoudou Konate of Guinea, West Africa. She will be singing some original songs as well as songs and chants in Swahili and Sanskrit.


For more information please contact:

Jon Welch

The Rebekah Music Hall

(902) 467-0357


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