Digby & Area Community Health Board (D&ACHB), in conjunction with the South West Nova District Health Authority, is releasing Wellness Funds from the Department of Health & Wellness, to be made available to groups or organizations in the community. Priority for Wellness Funds will be based on community projects which provide direct benefits to residents within the geographical area served by the D&ACHB & that fit the priorities of the D&ACHB, plus address one or more of the strategic priorities of the Department of Health & Wellness listed below or other areas that impact the health of a community:
* Physical Activity
* Injury Prevention
* Addictions Prevention * Sexual Health
* Mental Health Promotion
* Tobacco Control
* Chronic Disease Prevention
Completed project applications must be received by Digby & Area Community Health Board by March 18, 2011.
To receive an application form contact:
Norma Wagner, Assistant
Digby & Area Community Health Board
75 Warwick Street
PO Box 1521, Digby, NS B0V 1A0
Phone: (902) 245-1951
Fax: (902) 245-5517 (Attn: D&ACHB)

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