“Shedding Skin” – a mixed media workshop with Ken Flett – Dec 4 -11, 2022

“Shedding Skin”

An inspirational workshop focusing on introspection and self-expression while exploring a wide variety of media.

We will begin with photographing a self-portrait with an 8×10 camera onto black and white paper, followed by transferring this image onto canvas. Introducing different approaches to the use of mixed media and non-traditional materials in composition, the instructor will share his working methods of integrating signs, symbols, and mark-making to build and reveal layered surfaces of image.

Students will work with their own personal narratives and focus on creating pieces rich with personal meaning. A balance of inner exploration and outer process.

Ken Flett can best be described as a bricoleur. A “bricoleur” is a kind of handyman who enjoys adroitly drawing upon all sorts of everyday things – whatever is at hand – to attend to those things that make the good life.

This workshop takes place over 2 days. All materials are included with the fee of $110.
Oakdene Community Centre
1913 Clementsvale Road
Bear River, NS

Register with Ken at kenflettartfactory@gmail.com