Photography: Black and White 35 mm Film Course. Starts July 31 in Bear River

This introductory photography course will cover the basics of how to use an analogue film
camera, develop film, and print black and white photographs.

The course will include the technical aspects of photography including the functions of a SLR camera, the exposure triangle (shutter speed, ISO, and aperture) in relation to film exposure, and how to use a light meter to properly expose film.
The course will also include aspects of the history of photography and discuss different styles within photography including: portraiture, landscape, documentary, and still life.

Participants will learn how to shoot and develop a 36 roll of black and white film and as well as learn how to print a contact sheet and an 8 x 10 inch black and white photographic print.

Throughout the course we will discuss the importance of engaging with an emotional connection to the subject matter as a means to create more meaningful images.
The final class will include the opportunity to discuss the works created during the five week course. 
I have 7 film cameras available for use in this course.
Course fee: $200.00

This course will be at the Oakdene Community Centre in Bear River and starts July 31st. If interested please email me.