Are You Interested in FOREIGN FILM SHOWINGS at the Upper Clements Community Hall?

Hi residents (and possibly film buffs) of Annapolis and Digby Counties,

Have you ever wondered about people and their cultures beyond the borders of English as a first language peoples?  A good way to learn about humans in other lands is through film.  I’m surveying everyone I can to see if there is interest in a regular showing of a mostly international spectrum of recent films (following Covid guidelines)  from other countries (and some located in Canada as well) at the  newly refurbished Upper Clements Community Hall (next to the former Upper Clements Park).  But I just moved here (though I grew up here) so my contact list is quite small.  Would you be able to take five minutes and answer yes or no to the six questions in this survey…and please share if you see fit.  

  Survey to Garner Interest Level for Film Club at Upper Clements Community Centre. Please share with others.

Joanne (Light)