Infant Massage Series and/or Sacred Journey of Rebirth – January 2021

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Infant Massage

Early child-to-parent connections are the basis for life-long emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical health. This class will help to create and strengthen these connections. Massage improves baby’s circulation and digestion, helps baby learn to relax in their environment, improves sleep and can reduce the symptoms of colic and GI track distress. Parents who massage their babys deepen their understanding of their baby’s language and communication. It increases their ability to help baby to relax during times of stress and in turn eases their own tension while promoting self-regulation. Massage helps baby integrate their births, and offers an opportunity to repair in-utero and/or birth experiences. As we begin to talk about these experiences with baby, it encourages this information to re-organize in their bodys in a way that sets up the nervous system and immune system for a lifetime of coherence, trust, and health.

This workshop is for parents and their babies from 6-weeks to 6-months old and consists of 3 gentle, in-person classes following all safety measures and protocols.
Tuesday, January 19th: 10am-11:30am
Tuesday, January 26th: 10am-11:30am
Tuesday, February 2nd: 10am- 11:30am
$150 for all 3 sessions including take-home resources. Limited to 3 mother-babys.

Register by January 14th, 2021 by phone or email.
WhatsApp: 646-549-0464 Private Sessions Available.

Sacred Journey of Rebirth

“Each and everyday of your life, is a re-presentation of your birth. Research shows how all of the energy present from the time of pre-conception, directly influences brain and immune system development. Possibly the biggest breakthrough of epigenetics, the emerging field of study that confirms we carry information from our ancestors, is the proof that we can change and repair our DNA.

Understanding how your pre-birth and birth imprints affect present day challenges, including mental or physical pain, disease and/or work or relationship problems, creates coherence and invites you to engage as a conscious participant in your story, This work provides an opportunity to truly incarnate.” – Victoria

This journey opens a doorway to a realm of healing that is a must for anyone who was born. It is an exceptionally unique experience that will go to the core of your genesis and help you restore your original blueprint.

We all remember our births. Even if these stories were never told to us, our bodys remember. These early imprints continuously re-present in our daily lives, particularly so during times of change and transition.

By unlocking these memories we become attuned to our true essence and release the hold of our trauma. By remembering our divine excellence and the great voyage of entering form, we incarnate a new consciousness on Earth and enrich all that we are creating and birthing into our lives: children, projects, art, relationships, businesses, communities, organizations.

This retreat is a compilation of many inner experiential journeys and my ongoing studies in sacred birthing, energy healing, trauma therapy, plant consciousness and pre-and perinatal psychology and health. This work is deeply inspired by the many families I’ve had the privilege to work with as a Birth Doula and Pre-and Perinatal Reiki Practitioner, as well as the many courageous souls I’ve witnessed re-birth, as a facilitator in Traditional Amazonian Healing Ceremonies.

I hold endless gratitude for all of my guides, mentors, elders, plant spirit teachers, and for all of you who continue to show up to do this incredible work.

Dates, times, Locations:
January 16th and January 17th

HALIFAX, NS Retreat:
January 23rd and January 24th

Please register for this event no later than January 11th, 2021 If you would like to participate and finances are an obstacle please reach out and we will set up a payment plan that works for your situation.

A portion of this fee will be forwarded to a non-profit organization or local family, decided upon by participants at the end of the retreat.

This work is exceptional for health professionals, therapists, practitioners, doulas, midwives, birth keepers; please share!
WhatsApp: 646-549-0464
“To create a new world we must birth a new humanity”