Clarinet + Saxophone Lessons; Toddler Group Music + Movement ; All Ages

Many school Band programs may be not be up and running this fall, but we know that children and teens benefit mentally and emotionally from participating in the creative and performing arts. Music and the arts help us de-stress and activate our brains and bodies in a completely different way that compliments STEM learning, which is especially important during difficult times.

Private and group lessons are available for kids who need these creative and expressive outlets to THRIVE in their learning environments and may not be getting those same enrichment opportunities at school.

– Digby, NS –
Ages 2-4

45-minute classes for MOMS/DADS and TOTS
singing, dancing, percussion, movement activities, games, crafts
Dates/Times and frequency of classes will be determined based on level of interest. Currently, we are at the stage of gathering interest so we can design the right classes for our community.

I am:
– a DMA student, performing musician with 12+ years of teaching experience
– currently researching music’s therapeutic effects on the brain
– I design lessons around the idea that we can learn life skills through the act of music making. discipline, persistence, good-humour, self-compassion, peaceful collaboration and more…
– I love to teach and Covid-19 has me missing my many wonderful students whose band classes have been cut off this year!

If you and your family are interested and want more information,

please send a message, e-mail or call:

Kathryn Stewart