Hands Across the Atlantic – during a Pandemic

The pandemic has tossed many on uncertain seas. It’s even prevented some Bear River residents from returning home.

Our friend, Marcella Edwards,  has been stranded in a little village in South Africa, her country of birth. But in keeping with Marcella’s creative way of seeing the world, she’s doing something pretty cool while she waits.

Once upon a time, about 30 years ago, Marcella lived in that village with her young children and helped to create a community pre-school program. 30 years later, that school is still there, but a bit worn looking and in need of repairs. At the same time, Covid-19 has decimated families who were already living in poverty and now have no income at all.

Marcella thought about this during her walks in that countryside.. What if an online fundraiser could raise enough for materials for a new roof for the pre-school with money that could pay and feed and give work experience to some of the local young men and women?

Working with the staff at the school, they launched a crowdfund a month ago.

I thought it would be like us reaching our hands across the ocean to help Marcella’s village which is 12,000 kilometres of Ocean away. From one village to another.

The online fundraiser is close to its goal of $4,000 Canadian. If it exceeds that amount, they will also be able to rebuild the children’s playground. If you are interested in donating, or would like to know more about the campaign, the online link is here.

I’m visualizing a beautiful playground and hoping that Marcella can return to Canada sooner, than later.