Community Conversation Sat Jan, 25, 2020

Inspiring Communities : Turning the Tide will be hosting a Community Conversation in Bear River.
Location: Our Farmacy, 43 Chute Rd, Bear River, Nova Scotia B0S 1B0
Date/Time: January 25th, 10am-12pm
Community Ambassador(s): Kaylynn Caldwell
Contact: 902.245.0088

From the Turning the Tide facebook page:

“Things need to change”
“Nobody listens”
“Someone needs to do something”
Three phrases we are all accustomed to hearing when we talk about issues we face in our area…What if somebody WAS listening?
What if somebody IS doing something?
Turning the Tide is a fantastic Non Profit located in Digby and is part of the Inspiring Communities network.
We’ve identified that a cookie cutter approach to tackling issues in our community doesn’t work. Every community is built differently, operates differently, and needs different supports to take their issues head on.
Inspiring Communities is utilizing what’s called a “Collective Impact” approach where community members, organizations and businesses could work together to both identify and find solutions to what needs to change.
This is where you come in!
Turning the Tide has identified through surveying that the top three areas of concern in our community are:
– Employment/Economy
– Health care
– Environment
On January 25th we will host a community conversation at Our Farmacy from 10am to 12pm to discuss these three themes and listen to what needs to be heard!
This is YOUR opportunity to initiate the change we always talk about!
We will have snacks and a lunch available. Please consider taking the time to discuss our venue with our hosts after our chat to hear about the amazing things Our Farmacy is doing in our little community too!
There is NO cost to this event and we are open to helping everyone make attendance possible. If childcare, transportation or accessibility are issues, please get in touch with Kaylynn Caldwell (inbox or text/call: 902-245-0088) to make arrangements!
If you are unable to attend, please spread the word! We need participation to make those first steps!
For more information about the Collective Impact approach and to see Turning the Tide’s progress, please go to:

Turning the Tide — the Journey so far…
The Digby area consists of many unique communities forming a wonderfully diverse geographic and demographic area. From the Town of Digby and coastal communities on St. Mary’s Bay, Digby Neck and the Islands, to inland villages such as Bear River and Weymouth, each community has its own identity and strengths. The area is well known for its natural beauty and resources, most notably, for the famous Digby scallops!

Despite the many strengths in these communities, the Digby area is struggling. Compared to the rest of Nova Scotia and Canada as a whole, people here are experiencing higher than average rates of poverty, housing insecurity, poor academic achievement and a history of racial discord and discrimination. People in this area rely heavily on seasonal and insecure employment and many experience difficulties with transportation. The community has also had a difficult time attracting and retaining health care professionals. These circumstances lead to many young people leaving the community to obtain employment.

The spirit of community in the Digby area is a strength that can be built upon to create positive change. Turning the Tide will help residents to create a shared vision for change. By supporting residents, community organizations and all levels of government, we will find solutions to complex issues – the shared vision (or Common Agenda) will be determined by the community.