NEW YEARS EVE- The Clamdiggers @ Tall Sips on Stilts ; The Strange Valentines – Dec 28

New Year’s Eve at Tall Sips with the Clamdiggers!


Sat December 28, 2019 – 7 pm – The Strange Valentines

strange valentines
The Strange Valentines return to Bear River. Their harmonies are beautiful. They call themselves the unlikely duo. I suppose that’s because they first met at a conference in Atlanta, returned to their countries and became penpals for a while, then visitors and finally…well, come to the concert and hear their lyrics about their journeys to find the perfect valentine in each other as well as other songs of real life.
David Farrell from the UK and Australia, and Janet Mills from Nova Scotia, Canada combine musical forces for good.

Sushi will be available too!



Watch for the return of the Strange Valentines on ……VALENTINE’S DAY!