Basketry Workshops – Nov/Dec, 2019

simple reed
Simple Reed Basket

November 6th – Wednesday – 10am-3pm – Introductory/Refresher: Simple Basket Construction with Foraged Embellishment:
Simple round reed basket construction adding foraged elements…Foraged materials will be available, or bring your own..Good materials for basketry are rushes, iris leaves, spirea shoots, bittersweet, willow – anything that bends without breaking. $45.00

double wall
Double Wall Basket

November 10th – Sunday – 10am to 5pm – Intermediate Double Wall Basket Construction:
For those who have some basket making experience here’s a workshop to build on your skills. Round reed construction is turned over on itself to create a double wall that looks more complicated than it really is. If time allows you’ll learn to fit a lid on your basket.                                                               $65.00   THIS CLASS IS FULL.

November 20th – Wednesday – 10am to 3pm – Coiling & Stitching with Sweetgrass: 
This workshop will cover a basic coiled and stitched sweet grass basket technique. A good starting point if you’d like to incorporate wild and foraged materials such as rush and iris leaves into your basket making.                                 Cancelled

flat reed basket with cat
Flat Reed Basket with Cat

November 27th – Wednesday – 10am to 3pm – Introductory Flat Reed Storage Baskets:
An introduction to flat reed construction. Create a basket to fit into drawers, cupboards or on shelves, Good bye plastic bins. A perfect union of style and function. This Class is Full.

ornamentsDecember 5th – Thursday – 10am to 3pm – Christmas Ornament Workshop:
Willow and reed ornaments…Tree, bell and star….Simple and fun..We’ll make as many as time allows..Reed and willow.                                                        $45.00

medicine pouch AmuletDecember 14th, 15th,– Saturday/Sunday – 10am to 3pm – Irish Linen Amulet
Knowledge of basic twining and a good understanding of creating tension in weaving are musts for this course..You’ll learn how to start the amulet on day one, and embellish and finish on day two.
Irish linen/ bead kits will be available for $20.00 in earth and gem tones…brown, ruby, emerald, sapphire. If you’d like to take this course and have particular colours in mind you can email me for the information on suppliers.                  $125.00

To register, contact Pamela at or phone:  902-467-0619
Small classes of 5 participants are at Six Owls studio in Bear River.  Payment is cash at the door.