Elapultiek – a play by shalan joudry – Oct 6, 2019


Elapultiek (ehl-ah-bool-dee-egg) – “we are looking towards”, is a two-person play written by Bear River (L`sitkuk) playwright shalan joudry.  It was commissioned by Two Planks and Passion Theatre and directed by Ken Schwartz.

Shalan joudry plays a young Mi’kmaw biologist and Halifax actor Matthew Lumley plays an older white male biologist. The two meet to count chimney swifts, and in the process undergo challenges to their ways of seeing the world. It’s a funny, moving and thought-provoking piece that explores reconciliation on a personal level.

King’s Theatre in Annapolis Royal,  debuts the stage version of this play on Sunday October 6 at 7:30pm Because the play was designed to be performed “in the round”, King’s Theatre will be seating patrons directly on the stage.

Click here for tickets and more information: https://www.kingstheatre.ca/kingweb/event/elapultiek/