Calling all Gardeners! Please help!

The annual Plant and Bake sale is coming up this Sunday, May 12, Mother’s Day and we are looking for your donations to share with your neighbours.

sign - 1The Sale takes place at the Carol Dibble Community Greenhouse, on the Bear River Waterfront. Plant and Baked goods proceeds will go 100% to the upkeep of the waterfront, a fabulous community resource for us all.

Please bring your donations to the greenhouse on the day of the sale before 10am so we can price and sort things. Every plant will make a big difference to the success of this fundraiser.

If you bring plants on another day, and noone is in the greenhouse, please leave them at the door and we’ll look after them later that day.

Thank you so, so much. Every year we have plant enthusiasts who are thrilled to add a ‘local’ flower to their collection.

plant and bake sale.2019