Connect with yourself more deeply through the process of acrylic painting. We always start with smudging ourselves then a led meditation/visualization to ground & focus us, followed by drawing with both hands to see what surfaces! Next, we gather reference images to inspire us further & begin wee thumbnail sketches, looking at composition. When we begin finalising our composition on canvas, use larger brushes, staying as loose as possible, focusing upon value- darks & lights.

I guide each individual at their own pace, creating a safe place to explore. It takes time to feel accomplished at something so with some consistent practice, we can really enjoy art making & see small improvements fairly quickly.

Come join me for some self-challenge & joy at one of the most natural processes: the art of telling your own story through painting. You will complete at least one painting, if not more, each weekend. It is more about the process, however, learning some new skills & practicing.

January 25-27, Feb 22-24, March 22-24, April 26-28
Friday eve, 6-8pm, Saturday & Sunday, 10am-4pm

Each workshop will be a focus on one of the 4 Directions. In the first workshop, we will focus on the direction “East”.
$190 for each WORKSHOP
Take all 4 painting workshops and receive 50% OFF the fourth workshop!

Location: My home studio in Bear River, NS.
Contact Justine Kerr: 1902 467-0112,
Website: WWW.JUSTINEKERR.COM justinekerr