Travelling Musicians to Perform in Bear River’s New Pub – Nov 21, 2018

Join us for a concert at Bear River’s new pub, Tall Sips Tea Room and Tavern.

Wednesday November 21, 2018 at 7 PM – 10 PM

tall sips

Guelph-based folk singer-songwriter duo Tragedy Ann celebrate their debut full length album *Matches* alongside Ottawa-based bilingual art folk outfit Moonfruits on this eastern leg of their release tour. Join us Wednesday, November 21st at Tall Sips on Stilts for an intimate concert experience, weaving songs and stories to transport you in your seat.

< d e t a i l s >
Moonfruits · 7pm
Tragedy Ann · 8pm
tickets · $10-$15

< l o c a t i o n >
Tall Sips on Stilts : Tea Room and Tavern
1870 Clementsvale Road

< a b o u t . t h e . a r t i s t s >
Tragedy Ann inspires chills, provokes smiles, and reminds you to breathe. With the occasional nod to alt blues and handshake with contemporary folk-rock, Songs From the Heart award-winning Liv Cazzola and Braden Phelan intertwine the storytelling power of Tom Waits with the musical nuance of Mandolin Orange, crafting something simultaneously familiar and fresh.
>> “A versatile folk duo who deliver finely crafted and carefully arranged songs with the honesty and enthusiasm of people who can’t help but create and perform.” — Jon Farmer (Georgian Bay Roots Radio)
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Moonfruits summon music from a place where ideals and imagination intertwine. Recalling Harmonium’s soaring harmonies and Fred Pellerin’s easy story-telling, the bilingual Ottawa-based duo blends voice, guitar, banjo, kalimba and glockenspiel to transport audiences to their imaginary village Ste-Quequepart, inviting them to walk in another’s shoes.
>> “Ste-Quequepart laisse transparaître une profonde conscience sociale à travers des portraits de gens ordinaires, une réflexion sur la crise d’une jeune génération qui se cherche.” — Guillaume Lorin (CHOQ FM)
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