Walking the Line and Painting the Town – Annapolis Royal

dancersFeeling like a walk? The Company of Angels has a new project in the works! The Company of Angels Dance Project is inviting everyone to join “Walking the Line” in Annapolis Royal during “Paint the Town” Weekend running Saturday, August 18 and Sunday, August 19.

All are welcome to walk in the single file line that incorporates a few simple repetitive gestures. Dance artist Pamela Grundy, is creating the gestures designed to reflect the techniques used by painters as they create their canvases. She’ll be getting some inspiration from celebrated local artist Wayne Boucher who is a longstanding participant in “Paint the Town”.

Participation is free-of-charge.There will be two chances to learn the gestures and practice the line: 6pm, Wednesday, August 8 and 6pm, Wednesday, August 15 at the Annapolis Royal Oqwa’titek Amphitheatre, at 275 St. George Street.

Where will Walking the Line pop up? That’s a secret which will be known only to the participants. But, with so many iconic locations situated around the town, there are ample spots to “start the movement”.

HERE’S HOW TO TAKE PART: Send a PM via The Company of Angels Facebook page (@dancinginthethirdact) or, send an email to: susan.tileston@gmail.com

“Walking the Line” is inspired by the Nelken Line, part of a global project by the Pina Bausch Foundation and ARTE, the European culture channel. The Foundation launched The Nelken Line Project to encourage enthusiasts of choreographer Pina Bausch to start their own lines based on one the most famous dance sequences ever created by Ms. Bausch, and to share videos of their processions. The Line spread way beyond dance fans and the Foundation’s expectations. People all over the world from all walks of life and abilities danced the Line and posted their videos. In fact, so many people took part that the project had to be extended.

“Walking the Line” is an initiative of the Company of Angels in cooperation with ARCAC. The partnership of two of the major cultural organizations in the area is a perfect symbiosis according to Randy Glynn, Artistic Director of the Company of Angels and Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal. “Dance is a visual art and the traditional boundaries between the visual and performing arts are becoming increasingly blurred. An initiative like “Walking the Line” makes perfect sense. Plus, it will be a lot of fun!” 

PTTPaint the Town Celebrates 23 years in Annapolis Royal
August 18 and 19 in Annapolis Royal

A plein air painting weekend where 80 artists will set up their easels at various locations throughout Annapolis Royal. This popular event draws onlookers and art buyers from around Atlantic Canada and beyond. Emerging and established artists from Canada and the US find a special spot that inspires them to paint, sculpt, carve, photograph or sketch. Spectators can meet the artists at work while watching the creative process unfold on the boardwalk, the wharf, at Fort Anne National Historic Site, the Historic Gardens. As their paintings are finished, volunteers deliver the artwork to the Paint the Town Gallery at The Academy (590 St. George Street) where patrons can bid during the silent auction process (from 10am – 6pm daily), or grab the piece of their dreams immediately as each piece has a “buy it now” price (this option available until 5pm daily).

Once registered for a unique bid number, patrons can bid on work as it arrives throughout the day.

Paint the Town grew from 25 artists in 1990 to 80 in 2017. The event remains a highlight of Annapolis Royal, with artists and volunteers signing up to be a part of it year after year. The community embraces the event, offering places for artists to stay as well as porches, gardens and studio spaces to create. Among the favorites that make Paint the Town a regular stop each summer are Tom Forrestall, Rose Adams, Wayne Boucher and Geoff Butler. As well as these favorites you will find many new up and coming artists, this year ARCAC is offering a handful of places to youth artists, aged 16 – 18.

Paint the Town takes place regardless of the weather; Artists took shelter on porches, covered patios and continued to work through last year’s downpour.

If you are interested in seeing original, freshly made art for sale in the lovely setting of Annapolis Royal then please mark the dates in your calendar. The auction is free to attend. All proceeds mutually support The Annapolis Region Community Arts Council (ARCAC) and participating artists.

For more details of Paint the Town, visit our website and Facebook page at http://arcac-artsplace.weebly.com at https://www.facebook.com/ARTsPLACE-and-ARCAC  https://www.facebook.com/paintthetownannapolis/

For more information, contact: Sophie Paskins – ARCAC 902-532-7069