FarmWorks’ Info Session – Feb 22, 2018

FarmWorks’ Seventh Offer is open and will be presented at
Sissiboo Coffee Bar and Gallery on

Feb. 22 in Annapolis (11 am)
Feb. 22 in Bear River (2 pm).

If you are looking for capital to start a food-related business, this is a great organization to check out.

Purchasing Shares in FarmWorks supports Nova Scotian food-related businesses and provides personal Tax Credits.


FarmWorks Community Economic Development Investment Fund can provide Provincial tax credits (35% for five year investment or 65% over 15 years) and RRSP tax deferral for Nova Scotian investors in FarmWorks’ broad-based portfolio of food-related businesses. Loans to more than 78 businesses provide investor security and help grow healthy farms and healthy food. Production of excellent foods and beverages contributes to our economy, our health, our communities and the quality of life in Nova Scotia.

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More information about this offering can be found here: