Silent Auction & Bake Sale for Ferals – Oct 15, 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017  1-4pm
@Digby Curling Club

ferals Sunday, October 15, 2017  1-4pm
@Digby Curling Club

The Society for the Friends of Ferals is a registered society which aims to stop the suffering of feral cats.

  We have spayed and neutered over 900 cats from Bear River to Brier Island to prevent unwanted kittens facing a harsh and often brutal life.

  Here’s a chance to start your Christmas shopping early, win great prizes, eat some great food and help us care for homeless cats.

    “Helping Homeless Cats from Bear River to Brier Island”

For more information check us out on Facebook (Society for the Friends of Ferals)

Or email :