2 Job Postings: Student Travel Counselor & Manager for Bear River Visitor Information Center

Job Posting #1

Position: Student Travel Counselor for Bear River Visitor Information Center (VIC)

Candidates: Full time high school student or post-secondary student planning to return in the upcoming school year

Proposed Start Date: June 27 2017

Proposed End Date: September 05 2017

Salary: $10.85/hr for 280 hr over 10 weeks. Paid biweekly plus 4% vacation pay


  •               Report to and take direction from VIC manager
  •               Provide tourist information to visitors regarding events, attractions and  food services.
  •               Counsel visitors on all the area has to offer
  •               Promote local culture, heritage and tourism attractions
  •               Maintain a safe, clean and appealing work environment
  •               Other duties as required by BREDS

Successful applicant will require:

  •                 Emergency First Aid (arranged by BREDS)
  •                 WHIMIS certification (can be completed on line)
  •                 World Host and Service Training (arranged by BREDS)
  •                 Excellent communication and writing skills

Resume and cover letter posted by June 02 2017 to: breds1967@gmail.com

Job Posting #2

Position: Visitor Information Center (VIC) Manager 2017 for Bear River

Proposed Start Date: June 27th, 2017

Proposed End Date: September 5th, 2017


Salary: $12.50/Hr.  10 weeks @ 35 Hours/week – Total 350 Hours

Job Description: The Visitor Information Center (VIC) manager is responsible for the daily operation of the Bear River VIC located at 1884 Clementsvale Road, Bear River NS.


  • Manage the training of the student
  • Making sure the VIC is clean and safe for visitors
  • Providing visitors information on accommodations, food establishments,
  • events and attractions of Bear River and surrounding area.
  • Gathering and exchanging of information to encourage travel to other areas
  • Ensuring the stats are completed accurately on time for the funding agencies
  • Other duties as required for BREDS


  • Emergency First Aid Course (completed by June 30th 2017)
  • WHMIS Certification (can be completed online)
  • World Host and Service Training (arranged by BREDS)
  • Knowledge of cultural, historical and recreation attractions in the area
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Capable of using Word Process, Excel and email
  • Can use Facebook and Twitter accounts

Resume and cover letter posted by June 9th, 2017 to