‘Clear cut’- Harm to our Woodlands discussion – Mar 19, 2017

“Clear cut” : Harm to our woodlands in Southwest Nova Scotia

Presentation by Donna Crossland, BSc, BEd, MScF.
Sunday March 19, 2017, 7-9pm
Myrtle and Rosie’s Cafe
1880 Clementsvale Rd., Bear River.

DNR (The NS provincial Department of Natural Resources) encourages us not to worry about clearcutting in public forests since harvest decisions are “science-based”. But clearcutting is more harmful in southwestern NS than anywhere else in the Maritimes.

Why is our region so unique?

Learn about some of the new (and inconvenient) “science” that has not been incorporated into DNR’s reality, from impacts to trout and salmon to the quality of the dirt that trees grow in.

Savour some desert and sip delicious coffee/tea while discussing the ecology of our local woodlands. Donna welcomes discussion of how best to manage our Crown forests…which risk being managed by local mill interests for the next decade.

Learn more about current forestry issues in Nova Scotia: www.healthyforestcoalition.ca