Digby Library Discussion Group on Homeopathy- Jan 6-Feb 24, 2017


Discussion group at Digby library focuses on homeopathy  


All are welcome to join in the reading and discussion of the ideas presented in Rev. Mary Hardy’s book The Alchemist’s Handbook to Homeopathy, every Friday in January and FebruaryThe group will meet from 12:45 to 3:15 p.m. Jan. 6 to Feb. 24.
This program will open conversations on the concept of wellness as a daily practice so sickness occurs less often, if at all. This enlightening journey with naturopathic doctor Mary Hardy is intended to open up life enhancing and interesting discussions. Please note this is not a book club or debating opportunity – but an opportunity to gather to explore the ideas presented in this book.
For more information call Shirley, 902-837-1030.. The Isaiah W. Wilson Library is located at 84 Warwick St. in Digby.

This book explains Homeopathy like never before! The mystery will be removed so you can empower yourself with these newly re-emerging alchemical tools for your own healing. Some of the material covered in the book includes: Alchemy Explained, Healing through Dowsing, First Aid Self Help Guide, Healing the Chakras Through Homeopathy, How to Make Your Own Remedies, Understanding Hahnemann’s Law and the Interaction of Metaphysics, The Effect of Vaccinations on the Body and How to Release Their Residues. The power to heal the planet comes from understanding how to first heal ourselves.