Spiritual Earth Grids talk & Celtic Tree workshop with JACKIE QUEALLY. Bear River SEPT 23-24, 2016 + Ley Lines Workshop.

My goal is to awaken people to the magnificence of the Earth as a deeply cosmic being, awakening to and sensing its divinity and ever-changing patterns and moods. The effect of people waking up to their natural relationship with the Earth is vastly healing, and offers hope for the future. Jackie Queally, Ireland

Jackie Queally, a well known published author from Ireland, will be visiting Nova Scotia in September and is including two exciting events in Bear River.  She currently leads spiritual tours in Europe and gives lectures and workshops on such varied topics as Celtic Trees – their Language and Meaning, Sound Healing, Gaia Touch (as taught by Marko Pogacnik), the Knights Templar, Reshel Grid work and other fascinating topics too numerous to mention.  For her complete bio and listing of books visit her website at www.earthwise.me.

web-arks-600x911Spiritual Earth Grids generated by an inner core of Templars
September 23 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – $ by donation
Oakdene School Gym, Bear River,  Nova Scotia
I have had the good fortune and probably karmic path to have been introduced to a range of earth grids, mainly in Western Europe and America, initially set up by an inner core of Templars. These earth grids rapidly formed a deep acquaintance with me so that during my time working in Scotland I was able to form a deep working knowledge of them. My frequent visits to Rosslyn Chapel with guests on my tours provided fresh material. My quest began in the 90s with the simple question “What are these earth grids doing?” “Why are they here?” “What is their purpose?”
I soon discovered a range of spiritual earth grids whose purpose is to co-create a rapid evolution in consciousness for all sentient beings. I believe it was my soul already knowing this that had prompted my initial questioning.
Books will be on sale on the evening that complement the talk.

Celtic Tree Workshop
September 24 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm – $25
Oakdene School, Bear River,  Nova Scotia
This so-called Celtic Tree workshop starts by looking at what constituted a Celtic Tree. We share a synopsis of the Celtic Tree calendar and I will lead guided meditations on the current Celtic season. Then we shall share our findings. There is an emphasis on sharing. After realising how deep the cycle of trees was in the collective psyche in ancient times, I want to move into a more experiential mode so we can interact directly with the trees in our own space. This requires a heightened sensitivity cultivated by us performing some Gaia Touch exercises to help us contact the elemental side of life.  Then let us venture out to see some old trees in the vicinity that we can dowse, tone to and generally sense. After this I am encouraging people to either draw, write, dance or sing the energy of any tree they choose. We can come together then to create an impromptu event whose purpose is to shower the trees with our love. Other stories of positive interactions with nature particularly trees are most welcome over lunch.


I will also bring my tree essences  and small but priceless tree books on the Celtic Year.
The trees formed the basis of much wisdom in Celtic times and we can infuse that finely tuned wisdom with loving vibrations when we share appreciation and acknowledgement for our trees.

 For more details and/or information contact:  Kris Murdock – 902-467-0623 or Shirley Langpohl  – 902-837-1030

A complete list and description of all Jackie’s lectures in Nova Scotia can be found here: http://www.earthwise.me/events/


Ley Lines Workshop - September 27, 2016
Ley Lines Workshop – September 27, 2016