The Blue House Creativity Experience in Bear River

Hello Creative Being

Imagine BEing in a village of artisans  working on their craft.

Now imagine having a quiet space in which you can work on YOUR creative project in that village.

That and more is possible at The Blue House in beautiful  Bear River Nova Scotia Canada.

I invite you to join me there.  You deserve this opportunity to become inspired to share YOUR gifts with the world.  I don’t think that you will regret taking the time to get your creative juices flowing in such a magical part of the world.  You will be inspired!  I can pretty much guarantee it because I was and I feel deep within my bones that you can be too.

That is why I opened up The Blue House – to foster inspiration and the generation of more creativity in our world !!  Cuz we all need that!

I look forward to meeting YOU when the time is right.