Dancing with Essences-Digby Feb 16

 Join us Tuesday evening for information about therapeutic, edible essential oils and their life-enhancing qualities.  There is a vast difference between “fragrances” and the pure essential oil of a plant or tree.

It was a long journey to find edible grade essential oils to feed to our honey bees in our Bee Tea recipe.  Finally we did and this has lead us to share a little about what we have found out with you.


Please Note:  this is not a tupperware party where you have to think about buying something :-} You will be presented with an experience of smelling and even tasting the oils and learning how they can bring life-enhancement to you and your family.  This is all part of our project of “Citizen Awareness” and you are most certainly welcome to come and bring a friend too!

Cheers, Klaus and Shirley Langpohl

Dancing with Essences
Digby Library
Tuesday February 16th, 2016
6:30 pm