Reading and Discussion Group -Jan 27, 2016


“Reclaiming the Commons for the Common Good- a memoir and manifesto” by Canadian author, Heather Menzies, will be the subject of
a reading group who will read and discuss the ideas presented in this book.

Heather Menzies is an award-winning writer who
has received the Order of Canada for her “contribution to public discourse”. This book is a very human story about you and the Commons
which we share together . This is about investigating together the inspirations which Heather brings up in her book and seeing how each one of us can become an implicated player in the Commons . Let’s explore the Commons together!

menzies(Please note this is not a book club nor a debating opportunity – but rather a warm opportunity to gather together once a week during the coldest
weeks of the winter and explore the amazing ideas presented within the covers of this book.) All welcome but limited spaces available, so register soon.

“When the great Crash, ecologic or economic, comes, Heather Menzies’ brilliant critique will provide an understanding of why it came about, and
a path towards a truly sustainable way for humanity to live on the planet.” David Suzuki

“…an admirable, even noble, vision…..expresses very eloquently what will have to be done if humanity is to escape the current race towards disaster….”
Noam Chomsky

start date:
JANUARY 27TH, 2016
1:00- 3:00pm
duration: Every Wednesday until MARCH 24TH,2016
location: Energy Works Healing Centre
: 1899 Clementsvale Rd
Bear River, Nova Scotia
(on left side of road leaving town towards Annapolis Royal, just before the church in the Town of Bear River, on the Annapolis side of the Bridge)
registration: email
or phone 902-837-1030 to confirm attendance
closes on January 20th, 2016

requirements: read Chapter 1,2,3,4

cost: generously sponsored by Energy Works Healing Centre at l899 Clementsvale Rd., Bear River,NS