The Delicate Balance of Gaia insight conference in Bear River- Aug 6-10, 2015

Delicate Balance of Gaia


6-10 August, 2015 at Oakdene Centre, Bear River, Nova Scotia

Applying Goethean scientific methods to gain insights into Gaia & the connections between rocks and water through:

(1) field trips to 200 & 360-500 million years old rocks for 1st-hand experience,
e.g. Pangea breakup, followed by imaginative drawing into workings of Gaia,

(2) water experiments and field trips to understand the flow patterns of water, e.g. vortices, and to relate them to rocks

(3) Goethe’s fairy tale (The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily) that presents the most profound secrets of observation of nature leading to transformation of the soul (Monika Wildemann)

(4) body & soul learning of water and earth through dance movements,

(5) singing and music to express our feelings for Gaia,

(6) First Nation, native blessing of the water and earth,

(7) examine man’s interaction with water and earth, and reassessment of our relationship with Gaia for all time.

6-10 August, 2015 at Oakdene School, Bear River, Nova Scotia

LEADERS: Jennifer Greene, Duncan & Maggie Keppie

Registration $200. Information: 902-542-5320


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