5 Puzzles of Contemporary Art – Feb 16 – Apr 13, 2015

Coming soon to Annapolis Royal……..MoMA poster draft 2


Have you ever wondered about the meaning of contemporary art?
The Annapolis Region Community Arts Council (ARCAC) has been licenced by The Museum of Modern Art, New York, to present a special five-session series. The series will enable participants to explore contemporary art from around the world in an informal setting that will challenge and inspire.
Each session will be led by an artist from our own community and will include digital interviews with MaMA curators, conservators, and collection specialists.
There will be ample time for discussion and questions.

Session 1: The Puzzle of Beauty (February 16, 2015) Presenting artist: Sharon Irving-Kennedy

Session 2: The Puzzle of Value (March 2, 2015) Presenting artist: Donna Boyko

Session 3: The Puzzle of the Original (March 16, 2015) Presenting artist: Janet Larkman

Session 4: The Puzzle of the Concept (March 30, 2015) Presenting artist: Ray Mackie

Session 5: The Puzzle of Experience (April13, 2015) Presenting artist: Wayne Boucher
Register at arcac@ns.aliantzinc.ca indicating which sessions you would like to attend.
Upstairs at ARTsPLACE Gallery
The program contains adult themes
The program will be held at ARTsPLACE, 7-9pm.
396 St. George St., Annapolis Royal

Light refreshment is included.

There is no fee but we are requesting donations at the start of each session to help cover our running costs.
Join us for a shared learning experience.

Please note that the upstairs space is not wheelchair accessible.

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