Doll workshop in Bear River Sat. Nov. 2, 2013

Dolls have been with humankind since prehistoric time giving us mystery, magic, play and power. This doll making workshop will play with contemporary artdolls, paperdolls, poppets, fabric dolls, rusty metal, etc.

“If a child died, Ojibwa nation women made a “doll of misfortune” creating it from feathers and placing it in a cradle, the mother cared for the doll just as if it were a real baby. She would take it on journeys, talk to it and give it presents for one year, until she considered the baby old enough to reach paradise on its own.”

Ken Flett’s doll workshop will be held at Magoo’s Cafe in Bear River next Sat. Nov 2nd.  A material list will be sent to you upon registration with Ken.

Images from past student work is displayed below.
denman jessieandsheri ken (1) ken (2) poppet vdoll wells (1) wells (2)

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