Erin Costelo at the Rebekah Hall in Bear River – Aug 17, 2013

4th evening in the summer jazz and blues series. There is always some magic, guaranteed

1890 Clementsvale Rd. (downtown in the former IOOF Hall), Bear River, NS.

Saturday Aug. 17: Erin Costelo

Erin Costelo

Oh Me Oh My, you won’t want to miss seeing this Halifax gem and national treasure in a intimate setting. After playing at nearly every music festival this country offers, she has agreed to play in Bear River, Aug. 17.

$15 at the door, 7:30 start.

From The Coast: This “melody-driven mood-maker is in a league of her own. Her baritone vocals move through shades of loneliness, deep-sea dives through oceanic sounds of isolation and inspiration, only to bubble to the surface of piano-pop passivity.”

Check her out on You Tube:

I don’t know anything

Down, Down, Down, Down

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