Immigration Working Group – call for volunteer members.

Immigration Working Group

Annapolis Digby Economic Development Agency

Call for Volunteer Members

The Immigration Working Group will consult with Annapolis Digby Economic Development Agency (ADEDA) staff and board, in a volunteer capacity, to support ADEDA’s role in immigrant attraction, retention, integration and settlement navigation to the Annapolis Digby region.  The group will be comprised of 2-3 volunteer members with a 1 year (renewable) term.

Immigrants who are interested in serving on this group are invited to submit a Letter of Interest to the Settlement Navigator at ADEDA by 4:30pm, Friday, December 16, 2011.

A Selection Committee of the ADEDA Board will choose members of the Immigration Working Group based on a review process and selection criteria*.

Immigration Working Group Volunteer Members will have:

  • completed the immigration process and be settled in the Annapolis Digby region;
  • demonstrated knowledge of, and links to, local communities;
  • willingness to share their immigration experiences with others;
  • demonstrated experience as a paid or volunteer member of another similar working group;
  • knowledge of the socio-economic characteristics of this region;
  • ability to attend meetings on a quarterly basis.

*The Annapolis Digby Economic Development Agency will actively manage and encourage diversity and inclusion within this group.

Please send Letter of Interest to:

Settlement Navigator

Annapolis Digby Economic Development Agency

86 Atlantic Avenue, PO Box 271, Cornwallis, NS  B0S 1H0

Tel: (902) 638-3490

Fax: (902) 638-8106




We invite you to visit us anytime at

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