Buy Local business fair – Digby July 27.11

The Buy Local Business Fair is a free advertising opportunity for local businesses in a “trade show” format, and provides an opportunity for them to meet with other local providers of goods and services.  ADEDA will provide some interesting information for local businesses as part of the registration package – including information on energy-efficiency rebates, business development funding opportunities, etc.  It is being held at the Digby Area Arena from 12-8pm on Wed, July 27 – businesses may set up any time after 10am.  Pre-registration is required to participate.

ADEDA is also offering free listings in its online “business directory” for all local businesses, whether or not they attend the fair.  Contact Brandon Greer to advertise your business through the directory!

The event is free to the public, and has been advertised far and wide within the ADEDA-catchment area (which includes, in Annapolis County:  the Municipality of the County of Annapolis; the Town of Annapolis Royal; the Town of Bridgetown; and the Town of Middleton; and in Digby County, this includes the Municipality of the County of Digby and the Town of Digby).  Local Visitor Information Centres are also displaying the posters, and advertising will reach local tourists as well, inviting them to come and shop at the event (kind of like the opportunities provided through weekly local farm markets).  A second fair will be held later in the summer/early fall.

In addition to any local business wishing to attend (including, for example – artists, insurance companies, real estate agents, farm producers, carpentry services, stores/markets, bookkeepers, beekeepers, galleries, restaurants/cafés, fish marketers, or any other service provider or producer of goods), there will be information available regarding services provided by ADEDA to local businesses, individuals and communities; information from the local Community Business Development Corporations; information about the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), and other information to support the “buy local” theme of the business fair.

Paul Emile LeBlanc is the guest speaker at the event, and he is representing BALLE.  Some businesses may offer samples of products or give-aways.  There is electricity available, and all use of the space is welcome.  If you wish to practice your art at a booth, we would be happy to try to help with that.  If businesses cannot attend in person, or fill the entire time period, they are free to send some advertising materials they may want to make available at the event.

For more information contact ADEDA’s Brandon Greer at 902 638-8189  or 

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