Perennial Plant Sale in Bear River – until end of June

Perennials  *  Shrubs  *  Garden herbs

Perennial Sale in Bear River

6709 Sissiboo Rd.
Open till end of June.
Priced from  $3 to $10.
Some rare and unusual.


Includes:  Catnip, Sweet Grass, Wild Ginger, Anemone Canadensis, Echinacea, Rhubarb, Sweet Cicely, Tansy, Chives, Butterfly Bush, Hollyhock, Golden Glow Spirea, Euphorbia, Red and White Dicentra, Heritage Roses, 6 varieties of Hosta, Day lilies, Iris,  ground covers, and more.
Bring plant pots – get a free plant!

submitted by Pamela Barron

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