Workshop for Parents and Caregivers @ Oakdene May 28.11

Wee Blossoms is hosting a workshop for parents & caregivers on Saturday, May 28th, 2011. It will take place at the Oakdene Centre in the village of Bear River, NS. Topics to be covered include gardening with children (songs & verses), crafting & art with children in the home, making spaces which promote creative play, storytelling and more.

Registration deadline is May 26th. To register, e-mail  or phone  532-0481


Workshop Descriptions & Presenter Bios


Watercolour painting on soaked paper gives a special quality to the experience for children and adults, and can inspire us again and again.   We will do a little exploration into the world of colour while we paint, and discuss how the act of painting affects a child’s being and supports healthy development.   We hope to have time to sew a simple felt toy  and discuss positive effects of handwork for children. For both, some age-specific guidelines will be given.

Judy King is a Waldorf-trained educator. She has taught children for 36 years: homeschooling, in workshops and schools at nursery, kindergarten and elementary grades levels. From 1996-2010 Judy taught at the South Shore Waldorf School & Kindergarten in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia.


Discover how easy and inspiring it is to work with children out of doors, whether in the garden or exploring natural areas. Fabienne will share ways to encourage a sense of wonder through direct experiences with nature. Learn simple songs, rhymes and verses which enrich the young child’s connection to the earth. Come prepared for the weather as we hope to spend some time under the old oak trees!

Fabienne Rapsey is a trained Waldorf early childhood educator and biodynamic farmer. Fabienne spent many years abroad sharing her love of  gardening and appreciation of Rudolf Steiners philosophy with others and we are very pleased to have her share her passion and experience with us.


Wee Blossoms kindergarten teacher and parent, Erin, will share some of her experiences putting Waldorf/Steiner ideas into practise in the home. From learning how to find the confidence to become a seasoned storyteller to simplifying play and living spaces. Erin will share some of her insights, fumblings and successes.

Erin Todd is an educator with a background in experiential/outdoor education. She has been working with children and youth for many years in various school and outdoor settings. She is currently the teacher at Wee Blossoms kindergarten in Annapolis Royal.

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