Global Perspectives on Social Movements and Knowledge Production – Jan 29.11

At the Oakdene Center, Bear River

Saturday, January 29 at 7:00 PM
(free will offering, light refreshments)

Learning from the Ground Up:
Global Perspectives on Social Movements and Knowledge Production

With Aziz Choudry, Assistant Professor, International Education
Department of Integrated Studies in Education
Faculty of Education, McGill University

What can we learn from social movements such as those opposed to NAFTA, those that resist the various wars, and those that aim to stop ecocide?

What processes make these movements ineffective? Must all social movements be coopted by governments?

How do social movements contribute to new knowledge, knowledge which resists the way things are and which empowers participants to work towards justice?

Aziz Choudry has over two decades experience working in activist groups, NGOs, and social movements in the Asia-Pacific and North America. A longtime organizer, educator, and researcher with Aotearoa/New Zealand activist group, GATT Watchdog, he also served on the board of convenors of the Asia-Pacific Research Network from 2002-2004. Currently he sits on the boards of the Immigrant Workers Centre, Montreal, the US-based Global Justice Ecology Project. Choudry is co-author of Fight Back: Workplace Justice for Immigrants (2009).

submitted by George Barron

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