Jazz, Folk, Blues & Roots Music – Aug 8.09

Where: Clementsport Legion
When: Saturday August 8, 2009, 2 pm until closing
What: Jazz, folk, blues and roots musicians plus food, silent auction and more!
Why: Concert of support for musician and friend John Murray

kitchen party2

Tom Berry
Brock Caldwell
Jim & Sue Comeau
Mike Corbett
End of the Line House Band
Brad Hewey
Charles Langmead
Gilles Leocard
Bebe MacLean
Harvey Marcotte
Caleb Miles
Ron Murray
Trevor & Clayton Murray
Ron Parks
Greg Peck
Chuck Ryan
Andrew Shishkov
Paul Smeets
Bob Snider
Len Sydenham
Jerry Thurber
John Adams & Ian Campbell of Tumbleweed
Brian Wamboldt
…and more!

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