Life, Money & Illusion – Book talk Sept 13.08

Join Mike Nickerson, author of the new book ‘Life, Money & Illusion; Living on Earth as if we want to stay,’for a discussion about choosing our future.

A Note About Climate Change

While Climate Change is only a symptom of the problem that humans face today, it is the issue that has caught public attention. Climate Change – Meeting the Challenge, as a title seeks to turn that attention toward the challenge of ourtimes.

Life, Money & Illusion, a 2007 Nautilus Book Award finalist, suggests a way forward, offering up new ways of organizing mutual provision (the economy) and a change in priorities that can lead to a long and joyous future.

During their discussions, while Nickerson looks at the big picture, Dillman, the Ontario grandmother who went 68 days without eating last fall to protest uranium exploration and mining in eastern Ontario, speaks to an ‘on the ground’ example of what needs changing. ‘Toilet train we must, as a society, if we are to assure an un-soiled world for our grandchildren.’

For more information on book tour or uranium issue in Eastern Ontario, see: Donna Dillman – Mike Nickerson –


1. September 13, Sat, 1:00-2:00, Digby Municipal Building.

2. September 13, Sat., 7:00 pm, Oakdene Community Centre, Bear River.

3. September 14, Sun., 2:00 for families at Aura Location, Morganville, Bear River.

4. Digby Neck, to be announced.


Canadian sustainability author, Mike Nickerson, and uranium activist, Donna Dillman, are on an international book tour.

‘Cures do not result from treating symptoms. The cause must be addressed. While Climate Change has captured public attention, it is a symptom of a greater challenge. That challenge is that the human species has grown to fill its planet,’ says Nickerson from his home in rural Lanark, ON.

‘It is odd,’ he continues, ‘at a time when our biggest problems are the result of our size, that our leaders maintain that more growth is the solution. Like adolescents approaching adulthood, our society clings to its carefree past.Since most adults have been able to make that transformation successfully,there is good reason to believe that our society will also accept its maturity.’

Nickerson’s latest book,’Life, Money & Illusion: Living on Earth as if we want to stay,’details the differing views on how to be successful in our changing times. One,the ‘Life’ perspective, says we need to preserve and enhance ecosystems and communities, the other, the ‘Money’ perspective, says we need to continuously expand production and consumption. These two approaches differ significantly on how they would deal with today’s most serious problems.

Life, Money & Illusion is about mutual provision, the patterns of exchange between people, and between people and the natural world, that have brought us to the situation in which we find ourselves today. It looks at problems that have emerged from practices which used to serve us well, and explains why the results from such activities have changed. It also looks at the process of transformation that will move us from our very long period of youthful expansion, to a mature state, where responsibility is taken to maintain human activity within our planet’s ability to sustain us. or

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