Bare Canvas- request for helpers!

Hi Everyone,

I am thrilled to see that the
Bare Canvas Gallery and Community Co-op is well underway. We still need to accomplish a number of things in preparation for the season opening, however. If you are able to help with the following tasks during the next couple of weeks, it would be much appreciated!

  • Scraping and painting exterior doors and windows
  • Washing the vinyl siding
  • Filling hanging flower pots
  • Painting the signs
  • Attaching sign iron
  • Interior patching and scraping
  • Interior spot painting
  • Washing floors
  • Hanging cork board
  • Installing window display rail
  • clean up back storage room
  • collect and arrange art books/magazines
  • Prepare coffee/tea area
  • Create posters
  • set up displays
  • hang paintings

Please pass this list along to anyone else you feel would like to lend a hand… Thank you.

Looking forward to a fun and successful season,


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